Monday, April 7, 2008

1st Deadline a Success, Bunny Rabbit Sighted

I started working Friday morning, the day after I arrived here. I wrote my first deadline on the chalkboard "Chap 2/ Air Jack due Monday 4/7". And now it's done. That chapter has haunted me since January, ever since I decided to rewrite it into two narrative threads that weave about each other.

David is in Boston today and tomorrow, giving a talk at MIT, so it is my first day alone here (among a hundred or so people I don't know). Daniel is in the next office over, ironic as he is also my neighbor back in Hyde Park, and he drew a nice picture of some mean letters on my blackboard (Y and Z to be precise, and they have it in for X – I think this stemmed from a discussion about women being notably absent around the institute, but I am very curious about which gender Z represents). Aside from him, I have only the indiscernible Russian language floating around across the hall and the cafeteria in the next building over to distract me. I find the office to be the most pleasant and productive work environment ever. This is probably why I met a deadline in three days that I hadn’t met in three months. I think my time here will be a success.

When I walked in today (about 5 minutes from the apartment in the IAS Village), I spotted a fluffy fat rabbit. He was almost camouflaged amidst the hundreds of squirrels that roam about the place, but his obesity gave him away.

It’s tea time, 3pm, and I’m going to grab a few cookies and then walk Kai. I’m really hoping for chocolate chip. I'm also hoping I do not go the way of the squirels and rabbits here with all this good food.

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