Sunday, April 27, 2008


There is a waterside trail here that looks very much like the Town Lake Hike and Bike trail in Austin (now Lady Bird Lake). It's called the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park, and it is something like 50 miles of trail - part of it along the canal and then the other half alongside the Delaware River. You can walk to if from where I am living in about 7 minutes (you cut through a gravel road that isn't open to through traffic, only birders parking before they get crazy with their binos, but google maps refuses to believe that the street is not usable, and it makes mapping my directions from here very frustrating). Once you're on the D&R, either direction is pretty. I've only been as far as Port Mercer one way and the lock at Kingston the other - about a 6.5 mile stretch. The segment of the towpath next to Carnegie Lake is especially nice - canal on one side and lake one the other. This is the lake:

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