Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Genetic Bets

We know she is 100% adorable, but what are her actual breed percentages?

I’m taking bets on Kai’s genetic make-up. We swabbed her inner cheek this morning for epithelial cells, and soon we will receive results from her Canine Heritage ™ Breed Test. If you want to play the game, your admission ticket is one dollar. The winner gets the pot!! And yes, you can enter more than once.

Some background on the Chiral Spiral:

She was born around 11/05 in a litter of 4 pups. She was the 2nd most curly of the three females. The one male had short hair like a black lab. All 4 pups were pure black.

Kai’s adult weight is 36 pounds. Maybe a little less now that we gave her a buzz cut.

Her skin is white, fur is all black

Her tongue is marbled pink and black

Eyes brown

She is prone to ear infections and she has a sensitive stomach

She likes to retrieve and then keep (ie:balls)

She enjoys hunting for hidden objects – like an Easter egg style game

She will sometimes point with a front leg, she will always chase a squirel if she is off leash

Her bark is not totally small dog yappy, but not big dog low either

She loves food and is never satiated

She has shown a few “herding” behaviors in the past

She is not mellow. If we could harness her energy, the country would be freed from fossil fuels

The animal shelter we got her from described her as a Labrador and Spaniel mix. The impression they gave me at the time is that these were guesses.

The test results will provide primary (50% or more), secondary, and “in the mix” (low amounts but measurable) breeds. They only test for the 38 most common mixed breeds in North America. You can find those breeds here at their website.

Your guess can include one Primary breed, one or more secondaries, and one or more “in the mixes.” You can post your guess in the comments section, or email them to me. I know you are good for the buck, no need to send a money order.

Here are a few more photos to sleuth by. The first was taken when she was still a puppy. The second one I took this morning (note our lovely hide red wine and mustard carpeting). The last image is from a month ago, with a full body of hair and a bit of creek water.


David said...

OK time to get in the mix of mixes.
I will go with Primary: Spaniel
Secondary: Border Collie
In the Mix: Lab.
Crazy I know, what can I say?
That's how I roll.

AAN said...

I think we are going to have to submit a new test in a month when the company starts including flat coat retriever markers in ID's, but until then, I say
P:cocker spaniel
2nd: lab, border collie
ITM:beagle (she sheds always), dachshund (facial bone structure)

Laurie said...

I'm going with lab (primary) and cocker spaniel (secondary). Her new haircut has convinced me that she is firmly in the adorable black lab camp.

Karen said...

well, it isn't much of a contest if we're all voting spaniel...which i am...in spades.

i'm disappointed that they only test for cocker spaniel, as kai's spaniel-ness seems more springer or brittany (than cocker) to me.

can't wait for the results!