Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weekend of Fun Day 1

There’s this place about 15 minutes from Princeton called the Grounds for Sculpture – it’s full of modern sculpture, ranging from “ugh” to “hey, that’s cool.” But more interesting than the art are the gardens you get to explore to find the art. It’s really charming. And HUGE, the place has hundreds of pieces of art.
It used to be a fairground before it was renovated and landscaped a couple decades ago. There are wooden doors hinged into tall hedges that lead to secret outdoor rooms where you can swing in a hammock, or make out with your boyfriend, whatever. And bridges to walk over koi ponds with misters shooting clouds into your face. And some fun water sculptures that are built into streams with little stone paths.
David and I had so much fun there Saturday, it was great. The photo above is me studying with a statue. If you are ever near here, you should definitely check it out – but don’t expect the Met, just think of it as a play ground – good for adults and little ones.

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